January 8, 2012

2012 Week One

Well, starting off the day falling down the stairs makes it a bit difficult to type, but I shall do my best.  Other than my elbow being a bit troublesome this morning I've had a great start to 2012.

A conversation that peeked the high lights:  Interviewer "Do you want the job?" Me "Yes." Interviewer "It's yours."  I start my new job next Monday, January 16th!

I saw my Walmart boyfriend and actually made eye contact and smiled at him.  Can you imagine?  Anyone I find attractive I usually avoid like the plague.  This may be the single most sure reason why I'm still single.  I am making progress though.  Also, I had a real mini conversation with a cute guy...with actual words and such.  Since I'm also something akin to a 13 year old school girl who gets embarrassed and nervous at the mere thought of talking to a male this was a good step forward.

Lastly...I have an IPhone now.  Got it for free since I haven't upgraded in a very very very long time.  Although I'd still be tethered to the wall with a rotary phone I will admit it is pretty schnazzy having a phone that actually works now.

All in all it was a good first go at 2012 and I only hope to build steam throughout this next week.  First and foremost, ice my elbow.

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